Friday, 31 March 2017

Free on Friday 31 March 2107

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday :)  My grand daughter and I joined in Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group challenge on Facebook.  If you request the free digital stamp, you will be sent it, but you must make something with it or you cannot ask for another!  Sounds fair enough to me :) Jessica is sending hers to her Great Grandmother and my one is going to Jessica's brother.  I used my promarkers.

Today I have two lovely Tuck Easter Cards.  Such beautiful colours, I hope you like them.

I have been very busy getting my theology essays done.  I have nearly finished which is just as well as they have to be in by Tuesday.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Free on Friday 24 March 2017

It is Friday once again, so a warm welcome to Free on Friday.  If you read yesterday's post you will know I am trying to organize my pens.  I have made another inner and outer box set.  I like the papers so much I haven't done any other decoration.

For you today I have some floral pictures for you.

Hoping you have a great weekend x

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Marker Pen Storage Boxes

 It is recommended that most pens should be stored horizontally, so my promarkers were stored at the bottom of my colouring bag, where it was difficult to reach them and impossible to see which colour I was getting out!  Not very convenient!  So I tried to think of a method that was both accessible and ensured the pens were horizontal.  I came up with this double box.  The outer box sits in my bag, open end at the top, the inner box slides inside with the opening on the side.  Quick and easy to get my pens out and use :)

I have to confess that my first inner box didn't work because it was too tight a fit by the time I had added layers of card and paper.  I used a cut down cereal box and a biscuit box for this project.  I also missed out Step Four because I didn't think about it at the time.

Step 1 - Choose your boxes, remember you don't want a tight fit               and the open end of the inner box will be on the side.
Step 2 - Carefully open the seams at the side and bottom of the                 box.  Measure the height you need and trim your boxes                     accordingly.
Step 3 - Choose your papers/card to cover the boxes and to do                 the inside if you want to.  The thicker the layers the more                 sturdy your boxes will be.
Step 4 - This step is important for accuracy and neatness and to be           honest it makes it easier.  Measure the length and width,                   score where the folds are and cut your corners out.

It is unlikely your paper will go all the way around in one piece.  I like to start at one edge and go round as far as I can with it.  If your paper is patterned you will probably have to think about matching it up.  

Step 5 - If you are doing the inside do the inside first, then re-glue           your box together.  I used double-sided tape.
Step 6 - Glue or stick the outside paper/card.  I used double-sided             tape around all the edges and PVA glue in the middle area.
Step 7- Decorate as preferred.  I tied ribbon around to make it                   easier to get the box out.
Step 8 - Fill with pens and admire your handiwork!

See you tomorrow for Free on Friday xx

Friday, 17 March 2017

Free on Friday 17 March 2017

A warm welcome to Crafting With Jack.  I have some St Patrick's Day cards for you today.  Today I went to the cinema and saw the new Beauty and the Beast.  It was beautiful and I loved it.  This morning I had a bit of a disaster with my latest craft project, but I have been working on it this evening, so hopefully - if I have got it right this time - I will show you tomorrow :)

Meanwhile enjoy these images and have a great weekend.  I am off to a craft demo tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.  See you soon x

Friday, 10 March 2017

Mixed media

Remember those glossy photo card experiments?  I had an idea about some tulip shaped flowers.  I chose this rain drop shape and cut the shapes out of the glossy photo card with my Brother Cut N Scan.  I glued a paper napkin with tulips onto my background.  I used gel crayons and marker pen on the leaves and added some washi tape.  I wasn't happy with the card cut outs so I gave them a layer of gesso which toned them down.  Using a marker pen I added the purple edge and dots.  I tried to transfer the bird from some wrapping paper and it wasn't too successful - probably because I rushed the process!  So I coloured it in with marker pen, using a white gel crayon to highlight areas and a touch of yellow for the beak.

This second one is more recognisable from my experiments.  I had in mind a volcano under the sea and added yellow and orange acrylic paint.  I didn't think the painted bit was very effective, so placed my quote there.  I also added a sprinkle of white.  The quote and the white were added digitally.

I am entering these in the following challenges:

Free on Friday 10 March 2017

Welcome to Free on Friday at Crafting With Jack.  We have a bright morning here, two of the ponds are full of frogspawn and primroses are out.   At night you can hear the frogs singing, I took a torch out to see if I could see them, but a splash and they were gone.  They did start singing again as soon as I was indoors :)

There is a lovely little song called "A Froggie Did A Courtin' Go", which was sung first in the 1950's.  The tale of the Frog and the Mouse goes back a lot earlier.  R. Caldecott's book has one version, apparently there have been quite a few.  I have to admit I was rather carried away with this topic this morning.  I wanted to find Johnny Cash singing it, but I was not able to, so I have put another version.

I have some frog pictures for you today.  The first was a tiny clip art image that I have edited.  The pictures are from Tuck Postcards.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, till next time take care.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Alcohol Inks part 3

Welcome to Crafting With Jack and the third part of my alcohol inks experiments.  I have been experimenting using photo glossy card (Part1 is here).

For this experiment I used kitchen foil.  I simple tore off a piece and crumpled it up, I think I should have been more gentle because as I was straightening it out again it did tear in a few places.  Since I only wanted to cover 4 x 6 card this wasn't a problem.  I used Mod Podge glue to stick the photo glossy card to the back of the foil.  I found the glue spread more easily on the reverse side of the photo glossy card.  Then I simply dripped the ink onto the foil using a sponge to move it around for better coverage.  I do realise that it probably doesn't matter what you use for the underneath of the foil, but as I have a whole pack of photo glossy card to use up, it seemed another use for it.

I guess the next post ought to be "What I have created with all my experiments!"

See you soon x

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Alcohol Inks part 2

Welcome to Crafting With Jack and part 2 of my alcohol inks experiments.  (Part 1 is here)The back grounds below have been done on the reverse side of photo glossy card. I also used a different method.

Alcohol inks do not move across on photo glossy card very well.
I do not have any blending solution and I had read that rubbing alcohol works well as a replacement.  Mine was 70%, you can also get a 90% which some people felt worked better, but they were not talking about photo glossy card which is supposed to be a "no no!".

I first tried using the rubbing alcohol by placing a few drops on the sponge (I didn't have any felt squares which are supposed to be better).  After this I placed a few drops of two colours of ink and then I started dabbing it on the glossy side.  It seemed to grab the ink too much so I tried the reverse side.  This had a much better effect.  As I had the rubbing alcohol on the sponge I started getting that lovely bubbly effect straight away.

I really love the effect the rubbing alcohol has on the ink.  If you let the card dry, you can reactivate the ink with another spray of rubbing alcohol. I wanted to make the bubble effect more even, but it "does it's own thing"!  I kept the window open while I was doing this and used a tissue over my nose during any spraying - just in case!

Join me for the final part of my experiments tomorrow x

Friday, 3 March 2017

Free on Friday 3 March plus Alcohol Ink part 1

Welcome to Crafting With Jack and free on Friday.  First though a look at what I have been up to this week :)

I have a sign in my craft room that says "Don't forget to play".  This week I have been "playing" with alcohol inks.  I bought a selection from Ebay which were very reasonably priced.  There was an indigo blue, mermaid blue, meadow green, slate, currant and teak.

Now I changed printers last year and have been having some difficulty with my printing on glossy photo card.  The problem seems to be I now have an HP printer whereas before I had an Epson.  The Epson card does not work well with the HP printer. Having tried unsuccessfully with different settings I decided to put the gloss photo card to another purpose.  You are warned against using glossy photo card with alcohol inks because the coating is different, however I couldn't find anything to say what would happen so I decided to give it a go!

The first experiment I did was to put several drops of ink into a bowl of water, then dip in the card and leave to dry.  The pale ones you see are where I tried to get a second card out of each session.  I think I should have used a larger bowl with more surface area, but I was quite pleased with the results.  The second experiment was to put ink drops directly onto the wet card, you can see these are the circle ones.  The blue was very strong and it also came out with bigger drips than the others.    

Join me for the second part tomorrow, meanwhile here are some circle stickers for you.

 See you soon x