Thursday, 25 May 2017

Global prayer starts today.

Today is the start of Thy Kingdom Come prayer event.  Now I have to admit to having an extremely varied prayer life.  Varied in the amount of time, the time of day and a varied commitment.   It saddens me to say I miss some days, I could blame my illness which makes me tired all the time and even more tired if I am active.  Although this would be true I don't feel it excuses me, after all I find time to go on the computer or craft.  I was always taught to pray at night before bed and this is my main time.  The house is silent, no distractions, but I tend to fall asleep!  I told a Christian friend once and they said it was wonderful to go to sleep in the middle of a prayer, but to me it feels like a cop out!  I have tried getting up early and guess what - I still fall asleep.  I like to pray out in the fresh air, where the birds are singing, where I can start by thanking God for His creation, where I don't fall asleep!  So until June 4th I am making a commitment to pray for 5 people every day.  I am hoping it will become a good habit :)

Here are the other two sets I promised you:

See you tomorrow x


Borqna said...

I'm here with you.

Teresa Arsenault said...

These are beautiful. Thank you. hugs, Teresa (I prayed for you today)

Cindy Keller said...

Having something this pretty to carry with me might actually help me remember to pray more. Thanks!