Friday, 26 August 2016

Free on Friday 26 August 2016

Welcome to Free on Friday, first I have some more Scripture Cards to show you.

 I have lost track how many I have made so far, I think I have about 10 left to do.  So far I have given away about 12.  The church I attended the last two Sundays has a very small congregation, but very friendly.  This Sunday I shall be back home.  The weather has been surprisingly good this year - I wonder if the fact we haven't been to Scotland this year has anything to do with it!  It's pack up day today and probably no more outings for the caravan till next year.  I type this sitting on my mobility scooter outside the shop - no lovely smell of fruit this time as I think the fields have been sprayed with "something" and there is a very countryside aroma!  I have just said hello to a lady who told me she loves the smell as it brings back memories of her childhood :)

Now your freebies, two Birdchildren pages from Elizabeth Gordon's book.

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Rocking Horses and Clock

Remember me showing you a photograph of a rocking horse in a shop window?  Well here is the photograph to remind you and what I did with it :)

I just love playing about with a photograph to see what I can make with it.  Today I have been working on a photograph of a clock.

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Free on Friday 19 August 2016

Hello and welcome to Free on Friday.  It's been a rainy day here although the sun came out briefly, I had planned a trip out, but we are going tomorrow.  Although craft shops tend to be warm and dry I have to think about my husband waiting outside :)

I have some more Victorian ladies - although they may be Edwardian, what do you think?

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Psychedelic Pigeons

One final post today :)  I took a photograph of two lovey-dovey pigeons last year.  They were a bit far away from me to get a really good shot, but I had some fun in P.S.E. and gave them a psychedelic look!  You are welcome to use them if you like them!

I have spent a lot of time today working on this picture, but not quite ready to show you yet!

It was actually taken through a shop window, so as photographs go not brilliant, but wait till you see what I have done :)  (Can you tell I must be happy with them)

More Scripture cards

I have made some more Scripture cards with the little card backgrounds I made.  I decided to use some gold stickers that I had used a blackmarker on.  The stickers did not want to stick to the surface so I took them off and some looked great, some not so great as the markers I used had seeped underneath.  I used some of the stickers on paper as stencils and then cut the flowers out leaving a little white edge.  I really like this effect, unfortunately the "permanent" black markers seemed to be reactivated when I used colouring pens and so some were discarded because of the colour mixing.  Lesson learnt!

I have shown the cards "before and after" as I changed some of the first ones I did.  One of the bottom row contains a sunflower over a gold area.  I took off a rose sticker and the marker had seeped underneath leaving a mess, so I spread the gold marker over the area and placed the sticker on top.

I think I prefer the before!

Below are the new ones.

See you next time x

Free on Friday- on Saturday

Welcome to what should have been "Free on Friday", but thanks to the Internet connection is now "Free on Saturday".  I just don't understand how you can be "connected" and still have no Internet!  Today I am sitting outside a fruit and vegetable shop posting this and the fruit smells lovely :)  It is overcast today and a little windy.  The dogs have been for their walk and are sleeping peacefully keeping my husband company while he watches sport.

Edwina asked if I had some Victorian ladies.  I bought several CDs some time ago with lots of pictures on, but unfortunately none of them were really a good printing quality.  Each one has been edited by me and I hope you will be able to use them in your crafting.  Please remember not to share, but to direct people here for a copy.

Now I am not sure if all of these "Victorian" ladies are actually Victorian so if you think they are more Edwardian do let me know and I can change their file names.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Scripture cards - new method

The other day I had an email from advertising a particular book.  They gave an example from the book on how to create without over thinking. 

The method involves using a untidy pile of cards - not arranged athough sometimes you need to pull them out a little if they are totally covered by other cards.  The cards can be any size.  I used some small cards that are a little smaller than playing cards, you could use 6 x 4 or larger. 

 You first need to gesso the cards - just brush it on!  I also added a layer of gesso mixed with paper paste.  When this was dry I piled up my cards, pulling some out and then the fun began :)

I used Yellow, Orange and Blue Fabric sprays, not trying to spray individual cards, but the are as a whole.  I didn't care for how the colours turned out so I gave the cards another layer of gesso and paper paste mix.  This muted the colours and when dry I used two more sprays.

First sprays

Second sprays

Putting the cards back into an untidy pile, I used two purple colours, one light and one dark.  I did blot some areas where the paint had puddled - I can't seem to get an even spray with these fabric paint sprays.

Next came stamping, the idea is to stamp all over the pile of cards in a random manner.  I used a new black ink with a doily stamp, but it didn't seem to be making a clear impression.  So I inked up my stamp and just pressed individual cards onto the stamp in a fairly random fashion.

Next was stencilling.  I used a mixed media stencil with several individual areas.  I chose not to do this in a pile because a) it is a bit fiddly and b) I wanted to place the stencil where I wanted it.  I used gesso through the stencil.

Once dry I had numerous (if small) backgrounds.  I had already planned to do some scripture cards with some, but I had an idea of making "business" cards with them.  I often give people my email address and I never remember my mobile number if asked for it, so I thought I could print some stickers for the back with my information on.  I plan to keep these cards in my handbag. Slightly smaller than ATC, scripture one side, my info the other.